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Tesla tires: how long do tesla tires last and how to prolong tires’ life? 

Tesla cars are now the leading cars on the market, not only because of the famous brand, but also because of the characteristics that in many ways surpass other cars or electric vehicles.

Tesla tires are also popular and highly functional additions to cars, for example, even their tread depth is about 30,000-40,000 miles, significantly different from the wheels of other electric vehicles.

But, you should understand that this significant tread depth difference may be depended on the road condition and other circumstances.

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However, due to such good characteristics, it might seem to many Tesla owners that tire wear in Tesla tires can very rarely occur and therefore refuse to even buy a spare tire, fully confident in the reliability of their car and tires. And in situations, where your tire needs reparation, you may be shocked.

In this article, we will analyze whether Tesla vehicles wear out slowly, how expensive it is to change such seemingly luxury wheels, how it is possible to extend their life, and do you need to use tires by Tesla or other tire manufacturers not inferior in the ease of usage.

How To Find Out How Long Do Tesla Tires Last – Top 3 Tips (