It is common for Foreign Music fans to sincerely try to categorise music. Some groups musical genres and subgenres. Others categorise it as either scholarly, commercial, folkloric, or popular. You may have also heard that some people divide it into two main categories: good and negative. The good and awful system may be somewhat similar, but it isn’t how I would categorise music. The point is, I don’t like the idea of myself or anyone else claiming to be the supreme judge with unquestionable power to choose what music is excellent and what music is bad.

I would rather my personal preference be the deciding factor. Each to his or her own preferences. Let each person determine whether or not they enjoy a particular piece of music.

And what kind of music do I enjoy? I have no idea how yours is like, but mine is open, passionate, expressive, unique, risky, profound, and intense. I have to move my body because of that. I say this because my movements wouldn’t necessarily be considered dancing (hahaha). It is the one that makes me sigh, chuckle, and get chills.

I enjoy duende-infused mesmerising music, as it is known in Spanish. It’s the one that entraps me, making me stop everything I’m doing and give it all of my focus. The one that takes me to a different location, era, or emotion is my favourite. I prefer the activity that entices me to partake, even if it’s simply by tapping my glass on the fork. I particularly enjoy surprises and imaginative stimulation. I’m drawn to the person who defies categorization and breaks down prejudices. The individual who inspires me to be a better person and who is actively working to find solutions is the one who has me won over (not the problem).

The one I dislike is chilly, lifeless, formulaic, skimpy, unoriginal, and loaded with cliches. When someone attempts to impress me and shows off how smart they are and how fast they play, I don’t like it. Mazacotes, mano a mano, pirouettes, and competitions aren’t really my thing. I really don’t enjoy music that sounds like filler, arithmetic, or blah, blah, blah. When I have to analyse anything in order to grasp it or when something is so hollow that it causes a brain short-circuit in me, I don’t enjoy it.

The intriguing aspect of categorising music based on our tastes is that it is nearly impossible to find two that are exactly alike. Like some sort of musical DNA fingerprint, our tastes are an integral part of who we are. It is an additional means of communicating who we are, where we are, and where we’re headed. Because our tastes are constantly changing, it reveals where we are. It indicates our direction because the compass is what guides us and plots our course.

As we change, so do our tastes. We learn new things and come across fresh songs. While this is happening, we quit enjoying some of the songs we formerly enjoyed. Similar like when you run across an ex and question how you ever found them attractive, I suppose

Not every person who ever aspired to be a rock star is still a rock star. Some people conceal their inner rockers in the closet (hehehe). However, there are also devoted rockers, hip-hoppers, and beboppers. The fact that they are here is wonderful. As for me, I’m aware that the music I grew up listening to will always hold a special place in my heart.

There are some musical preferences that develop into a cult or exclusive group whose members reject anyone who doesn’t share their awe for the same genres and performers. They frequently circulate in groups and pass judgement on, criticise, and make fun of others who are different from them. Yes! There are music elitists. They are the ones who believe that the music they like and play is the best and all other types are inferior. Additionally, they believe that those who dislike their music are beneath them, have poor taste, and are ignorant of all things.

Perhaps you have also come into contact with a music elitist at some point. I haven’t belonged to a club or a religion in a very long time. It seems to me that I shall never do so again. I no longer fall in love with genres. I fell for creative people. Sometimes the honeymoon will only last a short while, and other times it will turn into one of those uncommon marriages that will last until death do us part.

I have a thing for artists who clearly show their path in life and who speak with an individual and distinctive voice. The real ones make me fall in love. I have a crush on people who can pleasantly surprise me by advancing music into previously unexplored realms. I’m drawn to people who are genuine fearless leaders and pioneers, who take risks, stick to who they are no matter what, and who have a deep-seated longing for freedom.