Many times, an adrenaline boost let us think more creatively. We shouted loudly from the stands, rooted fervently for our favourite teams in front of the TV, and we were astonished to discover that our palms hurt so badly after a football game. It’s because we adore football in general. I find it difficult to imagine life without our preferred crew. There are more than 3 billion of us worldwide, making up the largest group of individuals in the world. We are fans. Despite linguistic differences, fans from all around the world communicate effectively with one another. We are all connected by the same powerful emotion and passion: His Majesty FOOTBALL.

Without a doubt, all current fans secretly wish they could somehow influence the lives of their heroes. We dress in the colours of our clubs’ logos, T-shirts with player names, and even alter our appearance to resemble football stars.

On August 23, 2002, Yokohama Stadium’s clipping service announced that the Brazilian vs. German World Cup final football field’s pieces would be on display and for sale. This concept originated from the desire of visitors to the stadium to take a small piece of football history home with them as a memento. The entire grassy area was cut up into thirty thousand pieces and sold in the stadium’s souvenir shop. It cost $20 to purchase one piece of football history in an acrylic jar. The volume of supporters wanting to purchase “football” for themselves was so great that the organisers decided to limit sales to three authentic football souvenirs per customer.

The sale of the Olympic Stadium’s grass is not the first time a football pitch has been used as a shop location. A Brazilian company called “ArteRio” sold pieces of the storied “Marakana” stadium in 2005. Pele, Garrincha, Ziko, and Romario all played there at various points in their careers.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany is no exception to this rule. Although it was only recently completed, fans will soon have the chance to purchase grass from the World Cup football pitch. The entire stadium’s surface will be sold in 30 x 20 cm chunks in a special packaging that enables long-term storage of this World Cup 2006 keepsake. Each item will be accompanied by a “quality certificate” attesting to its uniqueness. It’s also rumoured that a proud owner of grass that bears the imprints of well-known football players will eventually place this artefact, say, in his garden, creating a special “World Cup 2006 corner” for the gardener-fan.

But there are also virtual football fields in the world in addition to actual football fields. Many football fans participate in online football simulation games, purchase and set up their own football teams and leagues, and compete against one another to determine the winners. We do, after all, live in a technologically advanced world, therefore football had to advance as well.

The most cutting-edge technology, the internet, didn’t keep its distance, and now you can purchase virtual fields for your favourite teams. An innovative Internet project called was introduced right before the 2006 World Cup. The purpose of this study is to identify the most favoured football team worldwide. A squad that values its fans the most. We motivate football players to win games decisively, develop their abilities, get over fatigue and traumatic-injury discomfort, and win titles and world championships. The greatest game in the world would not exist if there were no fans. Which team would our favourite icons play for?

You can now have a tiny portion of football pitch for free, but you will have to pay a little fee if you want to deposit any extra funds. In this scenario, a nominal payment of $0.25 will be asked. You also have the chance to make some money, since plot prices will increase as voting draws to a conclusion. For more details