There are several alternatives available when choosing your window treatments. Why restrict yourself to what is available at your neighbourhood department store. You might need to search a little farther and get tailored curtains given the wide range of window sizes on modern residences. You can choose from a variety of Custom Curtains from an online merchant or a local interior designer of your choice. While many department stores may only offer sizes in one width and up to 96 inches in length, there is no restriction on the widths and lengths of your panels.

When choosing new window coverings, choose quality over cost. To guarantee that the drapery pleats hang beautifully from top to bottom, quality drapes should have buckram headings, doubled blind stitched hems, and a minimum pleat spacing of four inches. If you buy silk drapery panels, there must be a thick flannel interlining sandwiched between the sateen lining and the silk. This additional layer of defence will prolong the life of your bespoke curtains by shielding them from harmful UV rays in addition to giving your panels a wonderful full plush appearance. This will help stop your lovely silk fabric from decaying and yellowing.

Faux silk drapes are yet another fantastic choice. When it comes to faux silk curtains, there are so many lovely, reasonably priced options. Solid silks that resemble silk taffeta or silk dupioni are available. The variety of textured and patterned stitched faux silks is infinite. The imitation silks made using modern textile technology are so exquisite you would think they were made of real silk. To maintain the plush full appearance, thick flannel interlinings and sateen linings are still necessary. However, since imitation silks won’t degrade like actual silk materials would, the flannel interlining is not necessary.

Panels of draperies made of cotton, velvet, or linen are further choices. Again, there are countless looks that can be produced with custom curtains because there are so many different textile selections. All of these textiles come in solid colours, different textures, embroidered patterns, and patterned colours.

Window shades are another excellent personalised choice, so you are not limited to curtain panels. There are many fabric shades available that can be manufactured specifically to meet your window’s dimensions. Popular options include balloon shades, roman blinds, Austrian shades, and London shades. Plantation shutters, wood blinds, and woven shades are further types of window coverings.

Custom curtains are a fantastic choice for your window treatments, regardless of how your own style is expressed or the size of your windows. For more details, please click here Curtains Victoria BC