You don’t have to be an influencer to make your Instagram feed stand out from the crowd; it just takes some time and attention to detail. While there are many different strategies you can use, these five tips will help you create a captivating Instagram feed that engages with your audience, giving you more likes and followers along the way!

The Benefits of an Engaging Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed is your digital resume. It’s how people will see your work before you even have the chance to show them in person, so it needs to be professional and well-curated. A good feed should be an accurate representation of who you are as a person and what you do for a living.For more information, click here

How to Create an Engaging Instagram Feed

Focus on a few hashtags that are trending, but don’t post too many. Determine which photos will be your theme or staple. Post at least once every day or every other day. Follow other users who are in the same industry as you and interact with them by liking their posts and commenting on them. Finally, use an app like Canva to create quality graphics for your feed.

Tips for Making Your Instagram Feed Stand Out

  1. Be consistent. Consistency is key for keeping your followers interested in what you’re posting and helps them understand your style. 2. Showcase your personality and interests. It’s important for your feed to be a representation of who you are or what you’re passionate about because that’s what will draw people in and make them want to follow you back! 3. Plan ahead of time!