Sharks have dominated the oceans for the past 350 million years. Sharks have earned their status as the hunters of the sea by being the most ferocious predators in their environment. Humans have developed a fascination with them and a healthy respect and dread for these magnificent creatures.

Without a question, one of the best places in the world to see sharks, especially Great White sharks, up close is South Africa, more specifically Cape Town. Because there are so many sharks in the area and because they are so approachable and close to land, you are almost certain to see many animals doing what they were designed to do.

The Lifetime Adventure

Over the past ten years, shark cage diving and surface watching have grown in popularity within the adventure tourist sector. The opportunity to see these majestic animals in their native environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Thousands of people travel the world every year to observe and go shark diving with the 400 different kinds of sharks that live in our oceans. They embark on this expedition every year with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, and they always come back filled with a burning passion and abiding respect for these amazing creatures.

Sharks in the water

Shark cage diving is a highly regulated sector, and only a few operators have been given permission to carry out this business. The natural behaviour patterns of the sharks are carefully avoided at all costs. To stop sharks from associating boats with an easy meal, it is legally forbidden to feed sharks.

Because other sharks prefer to keep a low profile in their territory, passengers on shark cage trips are more likely to see Great Whites. One of the most well-known Great White habitats worldwide is the Cape Coast.

Anxiety is at an all-time high as the passengers board the boat for the voyage out to sea. Before the first shark shows up, chumming can last for up to an hour. The first group of cagers prepares to enter their cage once the sharks have calmed down, while the others withdraw to the back of the boat or viewing platform to observe the amazing events while impatiently awaiting their turn in the cage.

Slowly, the bait line is brought up to the cage. The Great White follows the bait line as it draws near. Some people have called the cage experience emotional, heart-stopping, and genuinely thrilling.

Not just the people within the cage find the encounter thrilling. The boat’s passengers have exceptional surface views from a close-up vantage position, and they can see and take pictures of Great White sharks from just a few feet away. The surface viewing is incredible since passengers can see the sharks circling, diving, and fighting from every angle.

Sites for Shark Cage Diving

Great White diving is done in Gans Bay and Mossel Bay, respectively. From Cape Town International Airport, both of these locations are conveniently accessible by land or air. Both locations are popular tourist destinations, and the lodging and dining options are of the highest calibre.

The mass-pupping of seals between April and November makes this the greatest time of year to see great whites. Sharks are slightly less active between December and March, although they are still present. Great White sharks are seen on expeditions for catching and observing 95% of the time, and on a good day, you might see up to a dozen of them with a length of 2, 5 to 4, 5 metres.

Due to their locations, many of the businesses offering shark trips in and near Cape Town specialise in particular sightings. In addition to sharks, the majority of the cruises will provide you the chance to see schools of dolphins, seals, penguins, birds, and occasionally whales.

Discover the thrill

Being that close to sharks and watching them in their natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, regardless of how fascinating, terrifying, or intriguing sharks are to you. One of the most sought-after adventures in adventure tourism right now is spending time with these powerful rulers of the deep. Cape Town is the ideal spot if you want to dive with Great Whites or just see them from a distance. For more details, please click here helicopter cape town