The most popular way to get around in the Smoky Mountains is via an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). But what if you don’t have your own UTV and are visiting the area for a short period of time? That’s where pigeon forge utv rental comes in! These companies provide rental UTVs that come fully loaded with all necessary safety equipment, allowing you to experience all that nature has to offer at your own pace.

What are UTVs?

A utility task vehicle, or UTV for short, is a small, rugged vehicle that’s built for hard work and a good time. If you’re headed to Pigeon Forge, it’s an awesome way to get out on some trails without feeling like you need a whole day of driving. They’re designed with off-road fun in mind and are perfect for everything from zipping around campgrounds and taking your dog on an adventure to serious trail riding.

Where can you rent a UTV?

You can rent a small, two-seater utility vehicle called a UTV at several different locations throughout Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The machines are perfect for traveling around scenic mountain trails. The UTVs offer a fun and affordable way to explore Smoky Mountains National Park, drive on Cherohala Skyway or ride along back roads. Here are some of your options when it comes to renting one.

What type of vehicle should I rent?

There are a number of factors that go into determining which vehicle is best for you. How many people will be riding along? What type of terrain will you be traveling over? Are there any age restrictions? Do you know how to drive a UTV? These are all things to consider before choosing your mode of transportation.

How long is my rental period?

Our rental periods run from 1 hour to a full day. There is no additional charge for an extended rental period. We also offer rental packages (see below).

Can I bring friends along?

While most businesses don’t allow you to bring your friends on a ride, rentals offer a chance for you and up to three of your buddies (or your family!) to join in on an off-road experience. Not only is it more fun with company, but it also cuts down on cost! If you have four people interested, renting a UTV can actually be cheaper than paying admission at a water park. Plus, you get to drive!

What if something happens during my rental?

Having your own vehicle gives you plenty of freedom, but that also means you’re going to have to be responsible for how it works. We’re here if you need help, though. If something breaks down during your rental (and it will), we’ll take care of getting it repaired quickly, so there’s no reason not to take on every adventure your heart desires!

Tips for having fun on your trip!

While some of these activities are free, and others will only set you back a few bucks, going out of your way to try one or two new things is a great idea. After all, you’re on vacation! Make sure you don’t spend your entire time eating at chain restaurants, taking pictures with wildlife and riding rides. Use your vacation as an opportunity to explore! New experiences can help put you outside your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory—and that’s where fun happens!