Tiles Of The Unexpected is an incredible game that has been designed to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you are looking for some entertainment that you can share with friends and family, then this game will provide you with an unbeatable experience. If you enjoy challenging puzzles, then this game may be exactly what you need. Whether you choose to play it by yourself or with others, you will find it rewarding and entertaining in more ways than one.

The Basics

The game consists of a board with a grid of different images on it. There are two sets of tiles, one that are numbered from 1-6 and the other that are blank. Players take turns in order, drawing a tile from the pile and then placing it on their board. If the number matches the number of an already placed tile, they can remove their piece from the board and draw another tile to replace it. If they place a 6 when all other tiles have been removed, they win!

What Makes it So Special

Tile of the unexpected is a game that you would think is just like any other tile game. However, there are two major differences with this tile game. One, in Tile of the Unexpected, you can’t see what’s under your tiles. Two, when you find a black tile it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your tiles turn black.

Play Mode 1

In Tiles of the Unexpected, players take turns drawing cards from a stack of tiles and matching them to complete a puzzle. There are two kinds of tiles in the game: puzzle pieces and surprise tiles. Puzzle pieces are sorted by color and each player has their own set of these. Surprise tiles are drawn from a separate deck that is shuffled before each round begins. Players can use these at any time they would like to add to the puzzles they’re working on or complete a puzzle without using their own tile set. Each turn, one player draws one card and lays it down in front of themselves, then play passes clockwise until all players have had an opportunity to draw a card.