Before you visit your next potential client, make sure you are up to date on everything new that is about to or is already happening with your product or services. What do you think will happen if something new is due to happen, such as a better formula or a better design, and you are unaware of it, and they have heard about it in the press or, worse, from your competition? They will buy from the more knowledgeable individual. With everything that happens before you meet with a potential client, it’s easy to overlook something, but try to remain on top of the major changes in your market. Newsletters and email groups are ideal for this purpose. Don’t rely on your boss to inform you of fresh developments. Get the information for yourself so you can verify its accuracy and save it for yourself. The prospective client will be impressed that you have ‘insider’ information and could say something like, “If you wait a week, this model will be enhanced with [insert enhancement here]” This also gives the prospective client some control over their purchasing decision and they will not feel pressured if they can wait a week.

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Answering a Few Questions

Take a few moments to ask yourself these questions and see if you can come up with satisfactory answers for yourself and possibly your boss. If you can answer them truthfully and favourably, you’ve completed your marketing research.

What are the market’s requirements?

How happy are my clients right now?

What do my prospective and present clients think of my products or services, company, service, and so on?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of my product?

What price models are available, and where does my product or service fit? Who are the primary competitors, and what are their sales strategies? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What advertising messaging are they employing that we could adopt?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself and the answers to in order to explore your market, learn what more is out there, and become a better sales professional.

“You can start over whenever you choose, because what we label “failure” is not falling down, but staying down.” Mary Pickford