We all have that friend or loved one who has the hardest time deciding what kind of cake they want on their birthday. We’ve all been in that situation where someone says I don’t know what kind of cake I want and then we ask them questions like How about red velvet?, What about chocolate with raspberry filling?, or Do you want to be surprised? and nothing satisfies them!

What’s your favorite flavor?

I love chocolate cake, but you may prefer something else. The best way to find out what your favorite flavor is is to ask those who are closest to you and who know the most about your taste. What does a birthday cake mean to you? It means a happy time with family or friends that might have flown in from all over the country or even around the world just to be with you on your special day. You deserve that kind of celebration on your big day. Let’s create that experience for you by getting together some information about how you want it to look like, how many people will be there, etc., so we can design a personalized 18th birthday cakes just for you

How many people are you feeding?

Deciding on how many people you are feeding is the first step in choosing a cake. If you’re having a larger party, say 50 or more, you’ll want to get a sheet cake so that there will be plenty of servings. But if your party has less than 50 guests, then it’s more economical to order an individual cake and have enough slices for everyone attending.

What kind of birthday cake says you the best?

So you’ve been asked to make a birthday cake, but you’re not sure what kind of cake to make. Allow us to help. We’ve put together a list of the best cakes for all sorts of people, so whether it’s your sister or your co-worker that has a birthday coming up, we have the perfect cake just waiting to be ordered.